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About Scafell Pike Cycling AccessoriesWhether a treacherous ride through the mountains or a bike ride through your city streets, we know your adventure is out there and the best way to find it is on your bike.

No matter what kind of bike you ride or none at all, Scafell Pike Co. equips you with the sort of durable but treasured, beautiful yet rugged products that will enhance your adventure.

Scafell Pike Co. designs cycling goods and accessories with leading American and international craftsman to ensure that each product is the best of its kind and built to last. While all products will wear over time, we aim to limit that as much as we can by using the highest quality materials and working with the best craftsman. For example, our leather products, including our toe straps, are made by a third generation Amish Saddler from the strongest leather that is also used for Amish horse harnesses.

Jack Kitching, founder of Scafell Pike Co., understands the ethos behind great cycling products and accessories. He spends most of his free times on bikes and races cyclocross, fixed crits, mountain bikes and road/gravel so he knows that to gather the most enjoyment, your gear needs to be well thought out, functional, hard wearing, yet beautiful. 

Sometimes it’s not about the destination, but about the journey and things that you take with you to enjoy the ride.

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You can find our products at:

Bike Makes Me Happy Seoul, Korea

Deluxe Cycles NYC

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